Old School RuneScape compensates players for outage, details content fixes, teases Winter Summit reveals


Old School RuneScape is just bursting at the seams with news this week, do we’re going to be taking a moment to condense it all into one post. And you know what that means: It’s bullet point post time! Wooo!

  • We begin with one of the more pressing matters: The recompense that players are getting after suffering through last week’s surprise outages. It’s not all particularly great news: Subscribers can expect to get a two-day membership voucher provided they were trying to login during the outage, while those who lost items are apparently out of luck as the crash made recovering data effectively impossible. Jagex is promising it will work to prevent such data loss from happening.
  • The devs have compiled player feedback surrounding this week’s update and have outlined planned adjustments including an attempt to restore lost charges, fixes for Amascut combat achievements, and the application of an intended Poll 77 tweak to the blast furnace among others.
  • Care to see what some of the devs were designing for OSRS in their recent internal game jam? The Gielinor Gazette has you covered, showcasing concepted changes to the hairdresser, new hairstyles, a tower defense mode, and some agility tweaks. It should be noted that these are purely in the ideas stage and not planned for release, but one may never know.
  • Finally, there’s a cheeky little teaser video hyping up next week’s Winter Summit showcase, which features several OSRS devs about to talk about updates for the new year but getting cut off or bleeped out. How cute and coy.
sources: official site (1, 2, 3), Reddit
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