Ryzom takes players on a flythrough its classic vistas in latest video


Ryzom: It’s Still Around!™ That’s the cheerful takeaway for the game’s most recent video, which grants veterans and potential players a flythrough several of the sci-fantasy sandbox MMORPG’s various locations, whether they’re the more pastoral, cityscape, or combat-focused.

The video and subsequent blurb all appear to be angled towards those who are new to this game, which makes sense since its updates occasionally come across our news desk as the game continues development after all these years. We remind readers that Ryzom is an open source 17-year-old sandbox that has seen quite a few changes over the years. Many of its updates are tied to its business model, starting off as a free-to-play title before moving to a freemium model in 2017 (and subsequently lowering its subscription price), while recent updates adding things like daily missions and a revamped tutorial. Still around, indeed!

source: YouTube
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