Prosperous Universe adds a factional influence wrinkle to its econ PvP with today’s Prestige update


Choosing a side – or at least what factions to work with – has suddenly become a more weighty decision in the sci-fi econ management MMO Prosperous Universe thanks to the arrival of the Prestige update, which now features some new mechanics that will let players “complete crucial tasks that will determine the impact that your faction has across the universe.”

The primary driver for this new factional impact is the addition of contingent contracts, which are faction-specific and grant additional rewards for players to reap. This in turn holds hands with factional reputation metrics that can further grant better rewards to players who rise in standing. Finally, item snipers have been eliminated as expensive items can no longer be underbid by a single penny.

In other Prosperous Universe news, the game’s prospects on Steam don’t appear to be drawing in the numbers Simulogics likely wants, with 43 players playing the game via the platform in the last 24-hour period, which is down from its all-time peak of 170. Readers will remember that the devs had considered a Steam release to be “crucial to the future and sustainability of the game” when it first launched to the platform in April. Presumably, the “thousands” of players claimed by the game are enjoying the title directly as opposed to Steam, and now all players have some factional decisions to make.

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