City of Heroes’ Rebirth and Homecoming rogue servers kick off their respective holiday events


Christmas has come to the rogue servers of City of Heroes, and whether you’re looking for some classic festivities or a seasonal event with some new twists, both the Rebirth and Homecoming servers have got fans of the classic MMORPG covered.

Some of the bigger updates have come to Rebirth, primarily by way of the Fright Before Christmas that brings new holiday-themed horrors that spring out of presents. Slaying these abominations of the holiday season awards Candy Canes and Halloween salvage, which can be used for new Lords of Winter super packs and returning All Hallow’s Eve super packs. The patch has also added new ice power customizations, new ice power proliferation, and some new costume pieces among other things.

Meanwhile in Homecoming, the original game’s classic Winter Event has officially gone live in-game; there hasn’t been an official announcement post on the server’s forums as of this writing, but personal accounts and Discord announcements confirm that the holiday season has returned once more.

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