Project Gorgon rings in Ri-Shin for the winter holiday


Christmas has come to Project Gorgon this month as the game’s Ri-Shin celebration is underway in its most recent content patch. Players can help decorate the holiday trees, get gifts from NPCs they’ve befriended, and earn some free goodies for logging in (except for demo players).

In addition to the holiday event, the devs also held another set of mega raffles this past weekend, handing out two different prize packs that included subscription time, gear, titles, and more (except for demo players).

Another piece of note in the latest patch is additional improvements to the experimental selection UI like selectable wolves, the ability to enter Serbule Crypt, and the inability to select things through walls among other updates. Most of the patch otherwise fixes bugs, tweaks abilities, and improves animations.

source: official forums (1, 2)
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