The Daily Grind: What’s the most expensive MMO to play at the start of 2023?


Last year, I had a hard time with this annual Daily Grind, and that’s because “expensive” depends entirely on what you have to buy and what you’re getting out of it. I think we can all spy the obvious triple-dippers and lockbox-grubbers and pay-to-win shenanigans, but even then, some of us overspend on games that lack all three. I singled out Albion Online last year for charging subscriptions by the character, which is frankly ridiculous. I understand why it’s done (so people can’t just farm islands on a bajillion toons for nothing), but it’s also ridiculous.

Likewise, while I think LOTRO’s value has increased considerably and its model is no longer a junker as it once was, it still has some cash shop item prices (hello, mounts and mount dyes) that are absolutely over the top and worthy of mockery.

Once again, in answering this question, let’s ignore that one game and focus on live and launched MMORPGs. What’s the most expensive MMO to play at the start of 2023?

At the turn of every calendar year, the MassivelyOP team assembles a traditional feast of annual content for your table. We recap the year, issue awards, highlight our favorite (and least favorite) stories, and gather your opinions together to send off the last year and welcome the new one. Grab a plate and take a bite out of this year-end Daily Grind!
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