Old School RuneScape continues to adjust its reworked Wilderness in latest patch


Apparently Old School RuneScape players are greatly enjoying last week’s Wilderness boss rework, but Jagex is not one to rest on its laurels in terms of tuning the content, which is one of the primary foci for this week’s update.

Among the adjustments to the new-look Wilderness are balancing of the loot drop table, some anti-griefing measures to protect players taking on the singles variant of the zone, and a host of specific bug fixes among other things. The devs also hotfixed problems with the Venator Bow and the Ursine Chain Mace.

Other pieces from the game’s weekly newsletter include a look at some fairy ring graphical updates that are coming next week, a heads-up about the game’s welcome screen getting changed, additional notes related to C++ client updates, and the next steps for Poll 79.

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