Old School RuneScape releases its Wilderness boss rework and moves forward with skill polling


The Wilderness of Old School RuneScape is going to be very different for those looking to challenge its bosses as this week saw the appropriately named Wilderness boss rework go live. This patch tweaks boss behavior, with changes like Callisto now being able to actually attack players and Vet’ion deciding to use his shield, and also gives bosses new lairs to skulk around in, introduces post-fight escape routes for players to get through, and hands out some shiny new rewards.

Meanwhile, the co-op forestry skill that players overwhelmingly voted in favor of launching is now moving forward with phase two of its community polling process. These latest step is effectively gathering player sentiment about the activity, probing what type of skill players want to see, and surveying players on specifics of the skill. The poll can be taken in-game, and the survey is available on its own site.

Finally, Jagex has once more summarized the latest dev Q&A, which fielded questions about future Mahjarrat storylines, the inspiration for the Secrets of the North quest line, and how the team intends to incorporate quest backporting.

source: official site (1, 2, 3)
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