Albion Online teases legendary weapons, new weapon line, and ‘proper castle and siege fights’


The launch of Albion Online’s Albion East server last week has seen multiple ups and downs for both realms over that period of time, but Sandbox Interactive is calling it successful and pushing ahead to the future in its new dev video, which may be welcome for players now looking for something new to actually do. Notably, over the course of this quarter, the game will reintroduce the Rites of Spring event with a new twist, roll out a Beyond the Veil content patch that buffs Roads of Avalon and adds a new dungeon to The Mists, and prepare the next “major” content update.

Game Director Robin Henkys does tell players that the studio’s current development strategy is to “maintain, improve and revolutionize the game at the same time.” That includes “better basics” (improving core mechanics like the marketplace, looting, the economy, crafting, and player islands), “continuous content” (adding new content like gear choices, events, and weapon lines – specifically a new weapon line for the hunter tree), and “fantastic features” (new scope-expanding mechanics like legendary weapons and “improved spell behavior around walls and height differences” which is intended to be a “precursor to proper castle and siege fights that may include player-made fortifications.” Hmm!

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