Elder Scrolls Online counts 22M players, teases Necrom content, and schedules April 17 PTR test


If you’re the sort of MMORPG fan who puts a lot of weight behind player numbers (and we’ve argued that you probably shouldn’t), then you might be pleased to note that Elder Scrolls Online has plenty of heads to count. In a WCCFTech reports that ZeniMax Online Studios now counts 22 million players in the MMORPG – a rise in 2 million from last year.

There’s little else here that veteran MMO players won’t already be familiar with; ZeniMax talked up the incoming Necrom chapter and its story, which tasks players with helping the Daedric prince of knowledge Hermaeus Mora stop an attack involving fellow Daedric princes, a Telvanni mage, and a mysterious Dremora. The story also promises to be “grand in scope,” name drops other character appearances throughout including Sotha Sil, and will reportedly end on a cliffhanger.

Other content features of Necrom include two new companions in the form of the Redguard Xander and the Argonian Sharp-as-Night, a 12-player trial known as Sanity’s Edge that hopes to offer new mechanics for players to take on, and naturally the Arcanist class; all told, Necrom offers around 30 hours’ worth of content.

For those eager to see what’s coming, ESO will open a PTR build of Necrom on April 17th for PC and Mac players. Otherwise, the chapter is scheduled to launch on June 5th for PC and June 20th for consoles.

source: WCCFTech
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