Neverwinter releases a patch early to the Xbox version thanks to problems with the servers


“A strange and unforeseen spell has affected the Xbox servers,” reads an announcement from Neverwinter, which means that players on that console are getting this week’s update ahead of schedule while every other platform has to wait until this Thursday. At least every player will get to read the notes, so that’s a silver lining.

In terms of what those notes share, they’re a pretty quick read, detailing a new mailbox at Whispering Post, ability tweaks to several companions, and a few adjustments to where companions can be found in the collections UI. It might not make for terribly intense reading, but every player is now aware of what’s happening.

Tangentially, Cryptic appeared to kick out this patch announcement on a couple of wrong channels: The Star Trek Online subreddit noted a tweet from the sci-fi MMO linking to the fantasy one that has since been deleted, while the announcement was still shared on STO’s Facebook. Woopsie!

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