Lost Ark previews the powerful Slayer while ushering in the first Maykoko Fest


A new class — or, more precisely, advanced class — is heading to Lost Ark this month in the form of the Slayer. This offshoot of the Warrior boasts a gigantic sword, massive attacks, and a fury meter to build up that much-needed rage.

Amazon posted a new video this week to showcase the build: “Slayer arrives on the scene. A female Berserker — she proudly takes her place as one of the most powerful warriors. Leverage her specialty Bloodlust skill to decimate hordes of demon warriors.”

But before that happens, steel yourself for the truly adorable threat of… Maykoko Fest! This brand-new event is running the whole month and involves weekly challenges that for the entire community to tackle. If the community reaches certain goals, then everyone in the game is rewarded.

Source: YouTube, Steam
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