Wakfu and Dofus’ newest sibling, tactical multiplayer game Waven, will launch by year’s end

"Multitudes of burlesque monsters" oh no


Veteran MMO players already knew that Ankama, the French company that runs Wakfu and Dofus, has been working on another game, Waven. But today, the studio, along with co-publisher New Tales, has formally unveiled the game and announced that it’s launching globally in “late 2023” on PC, Mac, and mobile following early access this summer. Waven isn’t an MMORPG like its older siblings, mind you; it’s a free-to-play game promising a “new perspective on the tactical multiplayer RPG universe.”

“WAVEN takes you to the dawn of a new era. Choose your hero, equip your best spells and set sail for an incredible odyssey. Sail from island to island in a vast world full of colorful creatures, gain power, refine your strategy and uncover the secrets of a world adrift. WAVEN is a new roleplaying game experience that is accessible, fun and immersive. It combines adventure and turn-based strategy, inspired by the best tactical RPGs, with deckbuilding mechanics and valuable items to collect. Alone or with friends, face off against multitudes of burlesque monsters of increasing difficulty. Master the elements, cast powerful spells, summon mythical companions and battle your enemies in close combat or from a distance to defeat them and win tons of loot! Gain experience to upgrade your hero! Defend your Haven Island from attacks by other players in a brand-new asynchronous mode or prove your valor by entering the doors of the Kolossium to challenge other players and become a legend yourself!”

Tell us more about these burlesque monsters! OK, they probably meant burly or perhaps grotesque, but things got interesting for a sec there.

There’s a new trailer up now, along with wishlisting buttons on Steam.

Source: Press release
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