Albion Online’s Knightfall patch is live with a new dungeon and WASD movement


Albion Online’s Knightfall patch has officially arrived to both East and West servers as of this morning. Sandbox Interactive has previously characterized the update as not a massive one but rather a sizable continuation of the Beyond the Veil content arc. In addition to a slew of new craftables and mounts and quality of life updates, the update introduces the new Mists dungeon, Knightfall Abbey. Perhaps the most interesting feature isn’t content at all but rather the addition of WASD keyboard movement as an alternative for the standard mouse-clicking mayhem.

“Knightfall brings some major new features and improvements to the Mists, offering players of all types and levels a chance at big rewards. Coffers are treasures that only reveal their location to nearby players, and Caches offer individualized loot for clearing mob camps. Knightfall Abbey, a mysterious dungeon hidden within the Mists, is an atmospheric realm of crumbling stone and beautiful stained-glass windows. Seek out treasures and ancient shrines that offer powerful buffs, because you’ll need all the help you can get – not only against other adventurers, but against the dungeon’s former residents as well.”

Sandbox is running a build contest and double Twitch drops this week to usher in the patch. A small word of warning: The company did disable Roads of Avalon temporarily this morning after the patch rolled out.

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