10-year-old Camelot Unchained outlines crafting, encumbrance, and NPC AI development


We’re past the month of April, and that means another couple of consolidated updates from Camelot Unchained, as it gesticulates in the direction of all kinds of work and progress on the MMORPG in its 10th year of development.

The vast majority of the reporting from City State Entertainment once more comes from its newsletter, which opens with some thoughts on changes the studio wants to make to crafting and gathering. Much of this line of thinking angles towards adding more group activities like its Extraction system, as well as ways to make crafting have “crunch” without being too tedious and introduce more customization in final crafted items.

The newsletter also reports on some tweaks made to the encumbrance system in order to make it easier for characters to wear the armor they want for the most part, and it provides a long look at further foundational improvements to NPC AI pathfinding, perception, memory, and final behavior. Work on this front is now moving to adding a list of NPC behaviors, continued navmesh refinement, and ability use, among other things.

As for more targeted updates, those are awaiting in the monthly development report as it outlines work on crafting table jobs and abilities, item updates, UI updates, and a number of bug fixes. The monthly report also grants a look at a deployable crafting table (aka the Vox) and the updated crafting UI.

MMORPG veterans will know that Camelot Unchained, which was originally Kickstarted in 2013, has taken flak over the years thanks to delays, the founding of a second studio, the announcement of a second game using CU’s custom-built engine, delayed refunds, and lack of accountability. The game entered its “beta one” phase back in 2018, with tests capable of putting 3000 humans and bots on the battlefield simultaneously. Though CSE said in 2021 it was still paying refunds and working on both games, some players still say their 2020 refunds haven’t processed, and Final Stand Ragnarok is unpopulated. As of 2023, CSE raised an additional $15M from investors and claims to be “hiring like crazy” but is still evading press inquiries.
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