Lord of the Rings Online teases new housing neighborhood, patches Gwathrenost raid

Ah, no.

The newest raid in Lord of the Rings Online has only been live for a week now, but it already needs some patchin’ and fixin’. Some of this arrives on Wednesday with Update 35.1.3, as Gwathrenost progression and certain encounters have been improved.

For housing fans, however, Standing Stone Games may have some good news in the near future. In a thread asking about Hobbit premium housing, a studio rep said, “We’ll have official announcements about what the next neighborhood will be, and when to expect it, soon.”

And finally, the studio didn’t rule out the possibility of the short-lived PvP server, Bombadil, making a return after a one-month run in 2020. “The Bombadil server could theoretically come back in the future at some point, but it was not intended to be a recurring feature,” said the game’s community manager.

Source: LOTRO, 2, 3
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