Black Desert’s Land of the Morning Light expansion will launch in June – here’s the new trailer

Just yesterday, we noted that while we knew Black Desert’s Land of the Morning Light was still on the way, we still didn’t have a hard date for its launch. And we still don’t! But we do have a new launch window, as Pearl Abyss announced this morning that it’s finally rolling out to North America and Europe in June. The company is calling this the “first large-scale content expansion” for the game in 2023 (which kinda implies more than one, yes?).

“Land of the Morning Light is a new mythical continent that is filled with light and dark dichotomies: moral fables of action and consequence, likeable and troublesome characters, day and night cycles, and light and dark forces. […] Beneath the region’s serenity, however, resides a mystery that casts a shadow of fear over its peaceful populace. Deadly perils await Adventurers who dare explore the deeper regions beyond Land of the Morning Light’s rural allure. Adventurers will be tasked to solve the island’s riddles and confront the powerful forces that terrorise its inhabitants.”

The studio is promising more details between now and the launch “on a weekly basis,” along with a login event and free bundle through June 7th (which may be another clue about the launch plan). The new trailer, which swoops through vistas and architecture, is live now.

Source: Press release
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