Lost Ark’s May release is here and ready to slay with the new Slayer class


After what’s actually been an excessive amount of preamble – not that we aim to complain about communication and previews, mind you – Lost Ark’s May release is finally upon us. This’d be the release that pushes out the Slayer a bit of ahead of schedule, along with the new Ebony Cube amalgam, stronghold updates, tradeskill tweaks, and plenty more.

“The May update debuts the Slayer, a female remix of the Berserker class and the fifth Warrior Advanced Class, who overtakes anything in her path. Players can use the Bloodlust Slayer Specialty skill to quickly slash and stab enemies. This update also introduces the Ebony Cube, a secret ruin that has since been filled with demons and monsters, with three levels for players to encounter. Players can earn reward tokens as they hunt Event Guardians, a twist on Guardian Raids, in an arena with the Scale of Balance applied. Additionally, players can now run multiple progression events in Arkesia simultaneously, allowing the Punika Powerpass and Hyper Express Plus II to launch with the Slayer class and run until August 9. Players can also expect progression updates, along with quality of life improvements, store updates and more.”

Patch notes are right here!

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