Skyforge reruns its Days of Glory event with new rewards and familiar activities


Are you ready to once again face robot ghosts from the past? Then you’re ready for another round of the Days of Glory event that’s available in Skyforge, which is all about remembering the battle against the Mechanoid menace while also fighting their ghosts. Robots can totally have ghosts. Video game logic.

The actual activities in this year’s Days of Glory will be familiar to those who have taken part in the event before: fight robo-ghosts in squad, group, and invasion adventures, get event currencies, and use those currencies for cosmetic goodies. The special Dead Air event quest and the wave survival War Games activity are also back, though players who have already completed Dead Air before will not be able to do so again.

Speaking of goodies, players can earn cosmetic items from previous events as well as two new costumes and a new companion. Players on the Nintendo Switch are going to be receiving different rewards, and those on Xbox will be seeing the event later, but otherwise there are glorious robot ghosts to fight.

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