Mad World promises ‘new beginning’ with better stability, gameplay tweaks, and ‘less mad’ management


It is now very clear that Mad World’s takeoff has been less than good, as developer Jandisoft has been hammering in multiple patches to fix bugs, stability, and other issues with the grimdark MMOARPG. However, the studio appears resolute in making things right and is going so far as to promise a “new beginning” for the game with a long list of planned updates.

The promises being made in this post are numerous and lofty, with no real timeline on when players can expect them to arrive, but Jandisoft is seeking to improve XP, cosmetic, and item rewards; make pets more fun and essential; introduce PvP zones; address server stability, errors, exploits, bugs, and crashes; and open up the Red Stone Tower and Blue Stone Tower three times every hour. Nothing in this lineup bears any mention of the game’s missing Steam version, which is now three weeks behind its originally planned launch schedule.

“We are aware our game management still needs a lot of work – Mad World has been managed in a mad way,” closes the post. “As much as we are near suffocation from workloads collecting from our management, we admit we need a lot of work on this matter. First of all, we will try to be less mad with our management.”

Meanwhile, an update from yesterday introduced the new Altar of Grudge raid dungeon, a new ancient boss, a new combat dungeon, and several balance adjustments. A follow-up hotfix also added a restriction on the billing feature previously available via mail.

source: official site (1, 2, 3)
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