RuneScape talks max cash, doubled experience, and the upcoming Necromancy skill


RuneScape is about to release Necromancy to the community. If you’ve long struggled with the idea that death might be the end, you have every reason to look forward to it. But the first look at Necromancy isn’t coming until May 30th, and players currently have access to doubled experience until May 29th. You will need to deal without doubled experience for Necromancy. But hey, you definitely have something to grind right now, so why not do that while you can benefit from the aforementioned doubled experience? That sounds like a good plan.

Meanwhile, the developers are also planning to increase the maximum cash limit starting… soon. It’s currently planned for June 12th, which the team acknowledges will come as a disappointment for players who have been looking forward to having it sooner, but it turns out this requires a lot of changes in the game’s engine. So you’ll need to wait a little longer to have even more money you can hoard. Sorry. At least you should be able to start disturbing the eternal rest of the dead before then.

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