Anvil Empires’ player-built water systems will power player towns and crafts


Anvil Empires, Siege Camp’s full-scale persistent sandbox MMO with 1000-person battles, has flown way too far under the radar for a game of this scope, but we’re doubting that the game’s latest dev blog will change that – although it should.

The preview piece is focused on aqueducts and canals, which seems like pretty granular infrastructure until you realize that players will be building them, connecting them, and using them to power and nourish player settlements. And yes, gravity plays a role in-game for these structures as it does in real life.

“There are two types of structures for building water infrastructure. The first is Aqueducts, which are used to move large quantities of water between sources and Settlements. The second is Canals, which are for distributing water within a Settlement. Aqueducts are higher bandwidth and can be built anywhere in the world while Canals are lower bandwidth and can only be used locally. Canals have the added benefit of being dynamically scalable so they are ideal for placement between structures within a Settlement.”

Water power will also literally be used to drive crafts like smithing thanks to water wheels.

Pre-alphas for the game have been underway all month, open chiefly to Discord followers. In fact, one is running today and tomorrow.

Source: Steam
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