War Thunder shares economy roadmap targeting summer update


Last month, the players of War Thunder started a revolt as Gaijin Entertainment’s deeply unpopular economic changes got rolled back following a review bombing. Now the studio is back with another economy revision, which seeks to balance fairness to players with “ensuring the long-term viability of the game.”

The announcement post takes an extremely deep dive into what’s being changed, but some of the highlights include reduced repair costs across the board, with repair costs being adjusted based on how long a vehicle is on the field; repair costs being balanced against overall vehicle class and battle ranking versus more individualized costs; an overall increase in Silver Lions earnings, particularly for mid-rank, high-rank, and premium vehicles; and a new feature for premium accounts that effectively prevents them from entering a negative SL balance.

Other changes are being highlighted in the post as well, like RP progression adjustments, bonuses for researching unused nations, tweaks to teamkill penalties if players use an apology mechanic, and changes to point capture rewards among them.

Overall, it looks as if most players are in support of these changes, though there are some who point out that Gaijin can adjust or roll back any of these updates if they “cause damage to the economic well-being of War Thunder that poses a risk to the further development of the game.” Players are being encouraged to vote on the economic measures and discuss them in a forum thread, while a roadmap for when these changes will deploy is available to view now.

In other War Thunder news, the La Royale update has gone live with more French ships, a new tank from India, some new jets, a new map, and some updates to missile flight physics. Incidentally, many of the proposed repair changes will arrive in a few weeks should players vote in favor of them, so if you’re among those deeply invested in these changes, it would probably be in your best interests to vote.

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