‘Anime battle royale MOBA’ Eternal Return makes its full release after nearly three years of early access


We’re happy to report that another game hatchling has made its way across the sands of early access into the full launch ocean: Eternal Return, a self-described “anime battle royale MOBA,” officially made its 1.0 release this week, launching with a new season and celebratory events in tow.

Eternal Return is a 2.5-D mashup of battle royale mechanics, MOBA gameplay, and anime style. Players are dropped into the battlefield of Lumia Island, where they’re challenged to craft, hunt, and fight to be the last character standing. The Kakao Games Europe-published title entered early access in October 2020 on Steam, where developer Nimble Neuron made 71 major updates and nine different seasons along the way.

The newly launched Vacance season brings two new playable characters in the form of twin assassins Debi and Marlene, with two more characters on the way later in the season. The launch version also offers a summer-themed battle pass, while an attendance event is underway and coupon codes can be gathered up by players. The MOBA itself also got a recent hotfix to address some bugs.

At the time of this writing, overall reviews on Steam sit at a “Mostly Positive” aggregate, while recent reviews are “Mixed.” Most players seem to find the game fun and addictive, while some complaints include a removal of solo play in favor of duos and a badly crafted tutorial. The game is completely free-to-play, so those who are curious only need to open up a little drive space to find out more.

sources: press release, Steam (1, 2), thanks to Meanie for the tip!
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