Path of Exile offers an event schedule and travel details for next weekend’s ExileCon


Next weekend is a big deal for Path of Exile fans, as ExileCon is kicking off between July 29th and 30th in Auckland, New Zealand. That means it’s time for some more details, specifically a schedule of events and some specific information for those who are able to make the trip in-person.

The highlight of ExileCon will no doubt be the keynote address, which is scheduled to begin at 6:00 p.m. EDT on July 29th. Following that, there will be developer interviews, Path of Exile 2 gameplay showcases, and developer panels. Most of these affairs will be livestreamed or re-broadcast in video format; just look for the items with a purple outline to know what’s being streamed.

Meanwhile, GGG’s informational post for travelers is chock-full of useful nuggets, including timing for registration, details of a VIP dinner for those with the right kind of pass, information about an after party, and more. Fans of POE would do well to read up on both sites for all of the salient details.

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