Warframe details several quality-of-life updates arriving with the Echoes of Duviri update


There’s certainly a number of things for Warframe players to look forward to when the Echoes of Duviri patch arrives on July 27th, but there’s more to expect in the way of quality-of-life updates, which were the focus of a recent developer forum thread.

Players can first look forward to enhancements to damage numbers, including color customization for each individual damage type, scaling options for damage numbers, and a compact display for damage numbers overall. The update will also make some changes to the overguard mechanic, such as full proc immunity, a brief moment of invulnerability once overguard is depleted, and distinct impact visuals.

Status effects are another QoL focus for the patch, which means a buff to puncture’s weakened status effect, stagger adjustments intended to let mercy kills trigger with less stacks, and a number of buffs to the freeze effect.

Finally, several changes are coming to incarnons, like five new ones that will be added to the Steel Path circuit rewards pool and a new incarnon market at Calavero. These features will be made available on July 30th, while the incarnon reward rotation for Steel Path is also available for players to read.

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