Black Desert’s Land of the Morning Light finally arrives on console today


Black Desert console players are in for another treat today as Land of the Morning Light, already out on PC, has now come knocking on their the door of the PlayStation and Xbox platforms. As we’ve covered at length, Land of the Morning Light is a fanciful trip into Korean folklore that breaks up the standard BDO gameplay loop.

“Players follow an immersive storyline that reads like a novel, uncovering Korean tales and fables as they progress. Completed quests are stored in the ‘Storybook,’ which players can revisit at any time. Players will meet characters from popular Korean folktales, including the greedy Golden Pig King to Gumiho, the beautiful nine-tailed fox. […] Land of the Morning Light brings a completely new PvE experience by inviting players of all skill levels to challenge fearsome bosses in customized difficulty levels. Perfect for veteran players, “Boss Blitz” mode enables adventurers to return to each boss on a new difficulty level (or Calamity Level), and enter into a weekly ranking system based on character class.”

MOP’s own Black Desert columnist, Carlo, praised the expansion for pushing Pearl Abyss out of its comfort zone and providing a “love letter to Korea’s rich history” while still delivering effective MMO gameplay.

The expansion is free, but the game itself is currently on sale for $14.99 on console for those considering trying it out.

Source: Official site, press release
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