Lineage II posts patch notes for the August 1 Death Knight Reborn and Spellcaster Unleashed updates


The beginning of August will not only herald the end to this hell season in our hemisphere of the world; it will also bring Lineage II players some new content patches that focus on Death Knights and spellcasters on August 1st. That means there are patch notes for players to read, whether they’re looking forward to a reborn Death Knight or an unleashed spellcaster.

The Death Knight Reborn patch for Classic and Aden goes into granular detail about the new Death Knight skills being added and adjustments to existing Death Knight skills, as well as items like a new Death Knight ring and updates the class’ skill enchantments. The patch also outlines multiple hunting zone updates, item adjustments, and other class tweaks coming with the patch.

Meanwhile, the patch notes for the Spellcaster Unleashed update arriving to the base game outline updates to Wynn Summoner skills, overall improvements to spellcasters’ magic damage, and updates to the spirit ore consumption of certain magic class skills. The notes further detail a variety of other class adjustments, skill fixes, item updates, and timed hunting zone changes.

source: official site (1, 2)
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