Tower of Fantasy marks a year of operation, opens a new area, and adds a new character August 8


Tuesday, August 8th, will be a pretty important date for Tower of Fantasy, and not just because that’s when it arrives to PlayStation consoles; it will also mark the release of Ver 3.1: Midsummer Merriment, the latest content update for the shared world RPG.

As the update’s subtitle suggests, Midsmummer Merriment will celebrate TOF’s first anniversary with a celebration at Domain 9’s Jade Pavilion Fair that brings new stories, new side missions, and a new character by the name of Ming Jing, who swings a massive greatsword around with the RPG’s typical level of panache.

Another feature for Ver 3.1 is the addition of a new area called Cloudpeak Manor. It’s here that players will get to explore an area tainted by darkness and fight distinct monsters like a cow-like Cyox, a Crystalline Darkness, and a boss by the name of Black Crow Dark Wretch. Players can get some cinematic action of both the anniversary area and Ming Jing in the trailers below.

source: press release
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