Mortal Online 2’s ‘monumental’ territory control and siege systems are live – here are the patch notes


You’ve got to fight for your right to hold territory and maybe lay siege to others’ territory because you want it yourself! OK admittedly that doesn’t meter out very well in the referenced song, but it’s still a general breakdown of Mortal Online 2’s newest territory control systems that went live in an update yesterday.

The party piece of the update bring the aforementioned territory gameplay features along with two siege engines that come in stationary and mobile variants, multiple territory control structures, and the ability to hold large-scale siege warfare.

While territory battles are one of the main portions of the patch, it also adds 20 new Elementalism spells, tweaks the glory rewards for killing creatures, introduces multiple server and client optimizations, and applied several fixes related to buildings, attributes, items, guilds, and structures.

Those who have been waiting until now to hop in for the promise of giant territory wars can check out some gameplay below, and they can even snag a copy at a 25% discount on Steam between now and August 21st.

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