Co-op PvE survivalbox Icarus releases a biome-packed New Frontiers expansion August 24


Do you remember Icarus? We first caught wind of it back in 2021: It’s a co-op centered survival title from Dean Hall’s RocketWerkz that sees up to eight players enter a game session to survive the harsh climate of an alien world, complete a given objective, and make it back to an orbital station alive. The title launched in December 2021, selling one million copies in its first launch and making 89 weeks’ worth of updates, though the title has seen its playerbase settle a fair bit since.

After two years of updates, the survival title is about to get one of its largest pieces of content yet in the form of the New Frontiers expansion. This new expansion brings a new map with a wide assortment of biomes, from volcanic to grasslands to a swamp, which is filled with new mutated creatures and bosses, new operations, and over 100 new items to craft.

The New Frontiers expansion is set to release on Thursday, August 24th. A gameplay preview awaits below.

sources: press release, Steam, Steam Charts
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