Black Desert makes season servers permanent, launches Land of the Morning Light on mobile next week


It’s Wednesday, so you know what that means: a deluge of news from Pearl Abyss’ Black Desert. First, the mobile version of the game announced a hard date for the launch of its take on this past summer’s PC Land of the Morning Light expansion: September 26th. We know that it was coming; now we know when, and it’ll be accompanied by the permanent season server and the Woosa’s awakening.

“The transformed season server removes the seasonal end date, giving players the chance to choose when to start leveling and graduate their character. Season servers offer season-exclusive gear, accelerated experience, and unique content and rewards through Season Pass challenges, quests, and other activities, making them a perfect starting point for players new to Black Desert Online.”

Second, the console version of the game dropped a patch today with sweeping buffs for the Lahn and Berserker toons, as well as buffs to the loot tables in Aakman Temple, Hystria Ruins, and Ash Forest.

Finally, the core PC edition of Black Desert joins its mobile sister in making the exp-boosting season server permanent with today’s release. “If you’ve graduated from the 2023 Summer Season, you can start the new season immediately and graduate whenever you wish,” PA says. “If you’ve yet to graduate from the 2023 Summer Season, you can now graduate whenever you please.”

Source: Press release, console patch notes, PC patch notes
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