Final Fantasy XIV x KFC crossover video depicts Colonel Sanders as a Black Mage


First of all, we wish to assuage any concerns by reminding people that Final Fantasy XIV does indeed contain chickens. So this video tweeted out by KFC’s Japanese branch showing Colonel Sanders in the game as a Black Mage does not mean that he will start frying chocobos. Plus, since he’s a Black Mage, he can easily be defeated by placing an AOE wherever he sets down his Ley Lines. Healers, just don’t adjust. What does this video presage? We have no idea. Some kind of crossover, though, like the one in China a few years ago. It will probably not end well for local poultry.

Meanwhile, there’s a new interview with director and producer Naoki Yoshida over at ScreenRant discussing the game’s 10-year anniversary and future plans, with Yoshida noting that adding new jobs and keeping all of them differentiated is something of a task. But at the same time, that’s one of the big things people look forward to in an expansion, so don’t expect those to go anywhere any time soon. Check out the full interview ahead of this Saturday’s patch preview and the next fan festival in London in late October.

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