Corepunk is running a tiny preview test this weekend with several more planned ahead of December early access


It’s been a long couple of years of waiting – and five delays, several of them due quite literally to the invasion of Ukraine – but Corepunk is finally ready to test with players. Studio Artificial Core warns that the test will be “modest in scale” – and modest is an understatement, as it’s literally just 21 players, all from Western Europe, so it’s probably not you.

“Our primary objectives for this session are to gather first impressions on Corepunk, understand how the game feels to players, and kickstart our regular testing routine,” the studio says. “Participants will experience the starting location and some initial gameplay elements.”

So that’s disappointing, but the team does say it’s planning monthly tests that expand in scope and region, with North American testers in October, all heading into an early access in December.

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