Fractured accidentally patched in the new tutorial island in today’s imbuing update to the beta


There are bad oopses, and there are good oopses, and it’s a good oops that has befallen Fractured Online today. “In a moment of rare cleverness, we’ve accidentally released the build of the Tutorial Island on Terra,” Dynamight Studios wrote this morning. “Say hi to the Terrorial Island!” Oh don’t worry – they patched it right back out with a bit more unplanned downtime – but some players got a sneak peek because of the goof-up.

In any case, the game is currently in the midst of its very last beta until it re-enters early access again, this time without Gamigo’s guiding hand. Today’s update – the update that was supposed to release – makes it easier to create cities and participate in sieges (just for the duration of the test) and adds imbuing proficiencies to the game, allowing players to imbue gear and gems with +1, +2, or +3 to ability schools.

“Please note that imbued proficiencies stack with orbs, but they can’t get you past the maximum proficiency allowed by your Rank,” the studio explains. “For instance, let’s say your rank is 26, which means your maximum proficiency in any school is 4. You have used 2 Orbs of Geomancy, and you have +3 Geomancy Proficiency on your gloves. Your final proficiency in Geomancy is 4.”

The test runs through October 15th, and players can still access it with the cheapest tier of founder pack, which is currently $16 US.

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