Fractured Online will run one more beta this week before relaunching early access


Kickstarted MMORPG Fractured is pushing on toward one final test before it relaunches early access. Cut free from Gamigo, Dynamight Studios has set the test – which will indeed see a wipe – to run from September 28th to October 15th, giving gamers plenty of time for a trial run.

“This time we are back to running a longer test with characters starting from scratch, since we need players to experience the regular character progression of Fractured Online,” the studio explains. Specifically, the team is hoping for feedback on character balance and progression stemming from revamps to attributes, items, talents, enchanting, and divine rewards. According to the dev blog, the studio has also tinkered with world bosses, gear, the city of Aerhen, and the tutorial island.

The easy way into the test is through the purchase of one of the game’s founder packs, which conveniently happen to be on sale right now, such that the current tier with the pass for the beta test and early access is just under $16 US.

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