Ilysia thanks players for their support as it rolls over early access bugs in latest patches


Last week saw the VR MMORPG Ilysia make its early access launch following a bumpy series of tests and delays, which naturally means a quick check-up is in order to see just where things are going for this gestating title.

The game’s past two patches have been almost exclusively about fixing bugs within the game, including an end to players blitzing to level cap faster than expected (and thus skipping most of its content entirely), a fix that stops treasure chests from following players around, reversal of broken damage values for abilities and mobs, a long lineup of quest-specific bug fixes, and several stability updates that address certain game crash scenarios, among others.

In-between these patches, developer Team 21 gushed with gratitude for the playerbase’s support of the game and for their reports as they play through the early access MMO. “Thank you everyone for the wonderful reports and assistance in these early days of our launch of Early Access!” the post reads. “We have such a wonderful community that has been growing and we are very thankful for each and every one of you.”

This same post also promises that fixes will be coming out on a weekly basis every Tuesday, which will help players coordinate their time together around a consistent schedule and allow the devs to regularly patch reported bugs.

source: Steam
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