MMOs You’ve Never Heard Of: Astral Ascent, Stalcraft, High Energy Heroes


Welcome back to another quick roundup of MMOs and MMO-adjacent multiplayer titles you’ve (probably) never heard of!

Astral Ascent – The team at France-based Hibernian Workshop have officially launched this cutesy roguelike following more than a year of early access; on Steam, it’s labeled as a shared/splitscreen co-op title, and it’s live on PlayStation and the Switch too with its 1.0 update.

“The 1.0 update adds three new Zodiac bosses to face, including a final boss with two challenging phases, and a main soundtrack theme by composer Dale North (River City Girls, Wizard of Legend), and singer Emi Evans (Nier). The launch will also include the complete soundtrack with orchestrated songs, and full voice-over in English.”

Stalcraft – This is a “survival horror” STALKER-esque MMOFPS that dropped on Steam last year and slipped past our notice. Russian developer EXBO labels it an MMO with an “open world, RPG and a dynamic shooter component.” Reviews – and there is a staggering number of them – are mostly positive on Steam.

High Energy Heroes – Our final mention today came to us from tipster BoosterVII, who pointed out that this game looks basically like Tencent just reskinned the now-dead mobile version of Apex Legends. We’re not sure how Tencent’s pulling it off, but that’s for the corporate lawyers to worry about, and it did indeed launch in China back in September.

As always, drop us a note if you spy something we ought to cover or at least mention here!

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