Monster Hunter Wilds shares an in-engine trailer, promises more details summer 2024 and launch in 2025


While this year’s Game Awards didn’t offer too many big reveals for MMO players, there were certainly a few multiplayer announcements among the lot, one of which being the next mainline entry in the venerable Monster Hunter series, Monster Hunter Wilds.

The details of this next game are still a bit slim beyond a press release and a trailer that herald the game’s arrival, but Capcom promises that there will be more information shared in summer 2024, while the game’s release is currently on track for 2025 on PC via Steam, PlayStation 5, and Xbox X|S.

Judging from that trailer, we assume Wilds will once again offer up large open areas for players to run around in to find materials and quarry like in World and Rise, though there is also the suggestion of changing weather patterns, full mount riding (that isn’t a Palamute), and a significantly increased scale in terms of map size; otherwise the base gameplay mechanics of the series will all likely be intact, including multiplayer with at least three others. Fans have some time to wait for more, but there’s that trailer below to feast on now.

sources: press release, YouTube
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