Skull and Bones’ December 14 closed beta will impose a six-hour total playtime limit

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Do you have six hours’ worth of free time between December 14th and 18th that you can spare to slake your curiosity about Ubisoft’s Skull and Bones? Then you fit the prerequisites for the multiplayer title’s second closed beta test, which will run between those dates and impose a playtime limit for those who are lucky enough to be tapped for the test.

This next round of beta testing will be open once again to PC players via Ubisoft Connect or the Epic Games Store, but will also include PlayStation 5 and Xbox X|S, with pre-loading available starting on the 12th and testing scheduled to begin at 9:00 p.m. EST on December 14th. Those who are invited to kick the tires (or perhaps more accurately the ship’s hull) will also get two friend invites to bring their buddies along. Finally, this test will not be under an NDA.

As for content, players can look forward to exploration of the Red Isles, the African coast, and the open sea, all while taking on contracts, engaging in world events, earning infamy, and meeting or fighting various in-game factions. However, as mentioned before, invited players will only get six hours total to experience anything within the closed beta; the timer ticks when they enter a session (including while in menus) but halts when players log out. If that’s not a big enough speed bump to your interest, then registrations are open.

sources: press release, official site
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