World of Warcraft answers community council questions about the future of Season of Discovery


Apparently the lip service payment that is World of Warcraft’s community council still exists, Blizzard is still fielding its questions, and the studio is even answering them in a video, which understandably zeroes in on WoW Classic and the Season of Discovery in this latest Q&A session. Will wonders never cease.

The devs discuss a broad assortment of matters related to Season of Discovery, such as the promise that lessons were learned from the Battle for Ashenvale event that will be applied to future events, acknowledgment that supply crates are frustrating but don’t look to be changed too much, and confirmation that new roles will be unlocked from runes in future season phases.

The devs are also aware that many players are completing quests for gold, meaning that players won’t have more quests to gain XP from when the next phase starts; a potential solution to this problem is granting some XP for turning in supply crates. Finally, Blizzard confirmed that players will get to keep their season characters when it all ends, though where those characters will end up hasn’t been decided on yet.

source: YouTube via Wowhead
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