Vindictus’ recent Hero+ Mode promises ‘the ultimate challenge’ for high-level players


Are you the kind of Vindictus player who believes they have climbed every summit that the game has to offer in terms of challenges? Then you’re in luck because this week has brought on a new mountaintop to aspire to thanks to Hero+ Mode, a new modifier for level 115 region raid battles that promises “the ultimate challenge.”

This new hard mode variant of the associated region raids makes it so monsters and bosses cannot be stunned, suppressed, or partially destroyed, while also giving them new combat patterns and stronger attacks overall to hopefully provide a refreshed and updated battle experience.

On top of the new mode, the action MMO has also kicked off a level jump event for new and returning players, letting them leap right to level 105 and rent powerful weapons between now and January 23rd. In addition, the game is handing out free Christmas presents for logging in from now until January 2nd. The patch has also made a variety of class adjustments that mostly fall on the nerf side, lets players enter any special dungeon they want (but only a set number of times a week), and adjusts multiple items. All of the details are in the patch notes.

sources: press release, (official site
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