Dune Awakening’s latest promo video shows Funcom’s lean toward transmedia synergy


If you spent all last year waiting for Dune Awakening news, well, you’re probably pretty hungry, as we got only a few scraps of dev bloggery and a closed beta that you probably weren’t in pushed all the way to the end of the year. Funcom is planning another one early this year, however, and that means some hypey in the form of video content.

The new vid this week taps Chief Creative Officer Joel Bylos to wield his awesome accent to charm viewers (Tiktokkers, really, as this video hit Tiktok first) with a basic introduction to the game. Worth noting is that throughout 2023, the studio made very clear that the MMO isn’t just set in the universe of Frank Herbert’s Dune; it’s very specifically inspired by and in some cases a very direct representation of the Denis Villeneuve movies as Funcom worked closely with movie assets for things like sounds and environmental art. Bylos reiterates that goal in the quick vid.

“Funcom has been working with Legendary to stay true to the IP and to build the visuals out of the movie into a massive game world,” he says. The second movie in the Villeneuve duology is expected in March; we assume Funcom aims to capitalize on that, so stay tuned.

Source: YouTube
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