Star Trek Online 31st season, Both Worlds, has launched for PC – here’s the new trailer!


As Cryptic teased earlier in January, Star Trek Online’s Both Worlds is available today on PC, with console to follow on March 12th (ouch). So Both Worlds is not available for both worlds yet, in other words, but it does mark the MMORPG’s 31st season, with a new episode, new TFO, new event, and the random elite TFO queue system.

Star Trek Online’s latest major update, Both Worlds, pays a loving tribute to various Star Trek series featured in the game over the years,” the studio says. “In Both Worlds’ new featured episode, Scorpion’s Abyss, players continue the multiverse story from the game’s last season update as they must face the Borg King.”

“This episode includes Star Trek series original cast members reprising their roles as characters in the game, including Nicole de Boer returning as Star Trek: Deep Space Nine’s Ezri Dax, Garret Wang as Captain Harry Kim from Star Trek: Voyager, and Kipleigh Brown as Captain Kuumaarke from Star Trek: Enterprise. Along with this Star Trek celeb-filled episode, Both Worlds introduces a new Task Force Operation (TFO) that lets players relive one of the Star Trek franchise’s most classic moments, the Battle of Wolf 359, fought during the events of Star Trek: The Next Generation. In addition, this new update lets players take on a new in-game event, King and Collective, and have the option to jump into challenging Random Elite TFOs with other players.”

I’m somewhat relieved to say we’ve got the launch trailer and all the new assets tucked down below.

Source: Press release
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