Indie MMO sandbox Fractured Online unveils its Endgame Changer patch coming February 21


Kickstarted sandbox Fractured has been teasing a big endgame overhaul for a few weeks now, setting the date for February 21st, and now the studio’s explained a bit more about exactly what’s in it.

In the new video, Dynamight’s Jacopo Gallelli explains that the patch is the “product of three months of work” for the eight-person team. Dubbed Endgame Changer, it’s not actually a pure content release but rather a foundational release meant to underpin more content in the future (although there’s still content in here).

“First of all, there are changes to basic game mechanics – balancing, loot, user interface, quality of life,” Gallelli says. “Then there are changed to progression, to PvP content, equipment enchanting, gathering of primal energy. We are adding spectral creatures that roam the world in the night, and more. Then there are potions, with which we are finally completing the alchemy shop.”

Mounts are also on deck; while the game has already had horses, they’re simple, and now the game will offer two different types of mounts – it looks like one’s a bird and the other’s a wolf. And finally, Dynamight will introduce fortresses, which are essentially guild PvP playgrounds. The whole video is tucked down below.

Source: YouTube
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