World of Tanks offers a focused look at 2024’s new modes, vehicles, and feature tweaks in latest video


“We’ve had one roadmap video, yes, but what about second roadmap video?” That’s probably what World of Tanks studio Wargaming was thinking when it decided to put forth another 2024 roadmap video package, this time with less licensed music sizzle and more targeted information.

The video opens by promising a significant expansion to the game’s random events, with new scenarios coming to six of the game’s existing maps, like bombs flattening cover or a plane crash hitting a major part of a map. In a similar vein, upcoming recon missions will let players adjust maps to their liking by entering interactable areas, effectively setting off events themselves.

2024 will also bring more arcade cabinet goodies for players, including multi-barrel and salvo firing tanks, more night maps, and additional seasonal arcade modes, along with the promise of experimental new modes that lean into the lighthearted and arcade side of WOT.

Other highlights in the updated roadmap video include a look at the new scenario modifiers for Frontline mode, a peek at new vehicles and balancing for existing vehicles, refinements to crew management, a trial period for WOT Plus, and the debut of a battle pass system starting in March. The full video has all of the details awaiting below the break.

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