elite dangerous

Official Site: Elite Dangerous
Studio: Frontier Developments
Launch Date: December 16, 2014
Genre: Sci-fi Space Sandbox
Business Model: B2P (DLC)
Platform: PC

Steam’s autumn sale is live now through November 29 – here are a few MMOs with good deals

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Elite Dangerous plans November release window for Update 14 and Halloween-themed giveaways

While Elite: Dangerous isn't planning on having a specific Halloween event in-game, that doesn't mean that Frontier Developments is ignoring the spooky season entirely....

The Stream Team: Tracking the Thargoid incursion in Elite Dangerous

MOP's Chris is heading back into the galaxy of Elite: Dangerous for one very important reason: aliens. Specifically, the Thargoids, who have been attacking...

Elite Dangerous rolls back a hotfix after it compounds 4.0’s existing stability problems and crashes

The 4.0 update for Elite: Dangerous that went out earlier this week was intended to make the game more stable. It didn't, and a...

Elite Dangerous releases its 4.0 codebase update and Aftermath narrative to all PC players today

Today marks an apparent new beginning for PC players of Elite: Dangerous as the promised 4.0 codebase update has been dispatched to players today...
Effing OOPS

Perfect Ten: An MMO sunset tour for 2022 to date

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Elite Dangerous’ console copy portal opens, is almost immediately flooded with requests

Elite: Dangerous console fans who are looking to move to a version of the game that's not just going to languish in maintenance mode...
This is fine.

Elite Dangerous confirms September 13 opening of console to PC transfers, plans 4.0 codebase release this week

Testing, planning, and preparation has led to a final confirmed date for when console players of Elite: Dangerous can move their accounts to PC....

Elite Dangerous’ plans for console to PC transfer are still on track while the ‘Thargoid death star’ increases speed

This week's Discovery Scanner digest from Elite: Dangerous has some potentially good news for console players looking to move to the PC version. Testing...

Elite Dangerous firms up dates for console to PC transfers as players spot a possible Thargoid ‘death star’

Over the past few months, Elite: Dangerous has been talking up plans to let console players transfer their accounts to the PC version. Readers...

Elite Dangerous eyes September for its 4.0 version release and console to PC migration effort

The month of September is looking to be a pretty busy one for Elite: Dangerous, assuming Frontier Developments' plans work out as it expects...

Elite Dangerous on 4.0 update and playerbase split: ‘We’re not trying to be done with Odyssey’

After 13 updates to the Odyssey expansion of Elite: Dangerous with still very little joy to be found among players when compared to the...

Elite Dangerous players rediscover a unique gas giant that has been missing for seven years

How do you miss a planet? Pretty easily, to be fair, especially when the original discoverer didn't wite down how it was found. This...

Elite Dangerous confirms PC’s 4.0 version will still have a split between Horizons and Odyssey owners

In the beginning of August, Elite: Dangerous detailed the code merging happening for PC players, which would effectively move PC pilots to a version...

Elite Dangerous’ David Braben steps down as Frontier CEO into president role

David Braben, founder and CEO of Elite: Dangerous developer Frontier Developments, is going to be switching roles as he steps down as CEO and...

Massively OP Podcast Episode 384: The World of Warcraft we’ll never see

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Elite Dangerous applies several fixes and closes the Azimuth Saga with a literal bang in today’s Update 13

Elite: Dangerous has released its newest update to the sandbox today, and it went off like a firework in a narrative sense. The actual...

Elite Dangerous Update 13 launches tomorrow as the Azimuth Saga’s end draws near

Update 13 of Elite: Dangerous is on the way tomorrow, releasing on Tuesday, August 9th, and with it will release the final piece of...

Elite Dangerous confirms Update 13 for August 9, outlines merging of Horizons and Odyssey code for PC

If you happen to be a PC player of Elite: Dangerous, you've gotten something of a one-two punch of news out of Frontier Developments...
This is fine.

Elite Dangerous confirms Update 13’s release, fixes crashes, and elaborates on combat bond bug reports

The newest Discovery Scanner newsletter from Elite: Dangerous is out, featuring the usual hodgepodge of informational bits for players of the spaceship sandbox. The...