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MMO roguelike Lazarus swoops into beta this weekend

If you grew up in the midwest as I did, the word "Lazarus" probably evokes the image of a department store, but the

No Man’s Sky, the non-multiplayer multiplayer game

If you were confused about just how multiplayer No Man's Sky was going to be, welcome to the club. Inconsistent (or consistently...
We are all alone.

No Man’s Sky launches today on console

In this episode, Larry, Brendan, and Tina debate next-gen MMOs, unfinished games, and MMO buzzwords.
Sure, why not, whatever.

No Man’s Sky submits a sizable day one patch for your approval

Happy launch week for No Man's Sky, especially to those who have been waiting years for the exploration-happy title (and PC players

No Man’s Sky delays PC launch to Friday

Hope you weren't taking off Tuesday: No Man's Sky's PC release has been delayed yet again, this time to August 12th: https://twitter.com/NoMansSky/status/761694858562207744 Hello Games' Sean...

No Man’s Sky subreddit loses its space marbles over spoiler streams

The No Man's Sky subreddit went into wacky meltdown mode over the weekend as players with leaked copies -- one purchased...

No Man’s Sky drops ‘Survive’ trailer

It's been an up-and-down week for No Man's Sky, developers for which this week announced it wouldn't require a PlayStation Plus sub...

No Man’s Sky possibly delayed (again) on the PC

The last time No Man's Sky announced a launch delay, it caused no end of a ruckus on the internet from disgruntled...

No Man’s Sky will operate free of PlayStation Plus

One of the downsides to getting into online games on consoles is that you have to worry about whether or not the titles will...

The MOP Up: Planet of Heroes comes into orbit (July 24, 2016)

The MMO industry moves along at the speed of information, and sometimes we’re deluged with so much news here at Massively Overpowered that some...
This is fine, we're fine, are you fine? Everyone's fine.

No Man’s Sky offers new trailer on trade

What's better than re-watching old trailers while waiting for No Man’s Sky to launch on the PS4 in a little over two weeks?...

No Man’s Sky goes gold

The bad news for No Man's Sky fans is that the game took longer than expected to be finished and launch was delayed...
We are all alone.

No Man’s Sky developers thank players for their understanding of its delay

Those eagerly awaiting No Man's Sky must continue to eagerly await a bit longer, as the game's current delayed release is August 9th...

No Man’s Sky confirms August delay rumors, fields death threats

Remember those rumors about No Man's Sky's delay? Yeah, they're true. Hello Games' Sean Murray has posted about the delay on the...

Rumor: No Man’s Sky delayed at least until late summer

Kotaku is reporting that multiple unnamed sources have confirmed that No Man's Sky has been delayed "until at least July or August." The...

Hear the first music track from No Man’s Sky

Wonder what you'll be hearing while you're exploring the near-infinite universe of No Man's Sky? Work has completed on the soundtrack for the...

Massively OP Podcast Episode 54: Something fishy is afoot

Justin and Bree discuss Black Desert, Path of Exile, Guild Wars 2, No Man's Sky, World of Fishing, and AdventureQuest 3D, with a mailbag question on broken dev promises.

No Man’s Sky launches June 21, $59.99 base, $149.99 limited-edition CE

Hello Games has announced that procedurally generated sci-fi sandbox No Man's Sky is officially launching on June 21st on PS4 and on PC...
Sure, it all worked out perfectly, great job.

No Man’s Sky pricing leak rumour sends fans into a tizzy

There's been a huge degree of fascination with indie game No Man's Sky since it stole the show at E3 2014. The game promises seamless exploration...

No Man’s Sky will have a physically accurate universe … almost

If you've been following upcoming space exploration game No Man's Sky, you've probably heard a few things about its incredibly large procedurally generated...