Steam lists Elder Scrolls Online, Black Desert, and Warframe among 2018’s best sellers


While not technically an awards show, Steam’s “Best of 2018” page effectively serves as one as it looks at the best-selling and most-played titles over this past year.

Many MMORPGs and multiplayer titles populated the best-selling games of 2018, including Elder Scrolls Online, Monster Hunter World, Warframe, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, Ark, Black Desert, and Path of Exile.

Grenado Espada (seriously) somehow earned itself a top-grossing revenue spot for new releases on Steam’s platform, and OrbusVR placed in the top ten of virtual reality sales. Over in the early access category, Bless Online and Conan Exiles both enjoyed recognition for their sales this year.

Finally, Monster Hunter World, Path of Exile, Warframe, PUBG, and Realm Royale all netted over 100,000 simultaneous players in 2018. The titles that managed over 50,000 concurrent players included the new Atlas, the revamped No Man’s Sky, and the ever-popular Ark.

Source: Steam. Thanks BalsBigBrother!
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