EVE Online plans to add instanced PvP arenas for instant action

PvP in EVE Online is rarely fair, with the outcome of most battles coming down to the number and type of ships on each...

Blade & Soul brings single-player and group challenges to the Emperor’s Tomb

Dare you enter the forbidden Emperor's Tomb in Blade & Soul on March 21st? You probably do dare, since you always do the opposite...

EVE Evolved: EVE Online’s case for asymmetric and asynchronous gameplay

If there's one thing that EVE Online does better than any other MMO on the market today, it's persistent gameplay on massive scales. The now-famous...
Like this, but with slightly better lines, hopefully.

Star Trek Online goes once more unto the Breach queue

A special version of Star Trek Online's Breach queue is now hailing captains to adventure. Cryptic brought back its five-player instanced Breach for a "faster-paced, action-packed"...

The Stream Team: Checking into LOTRO’s Inn of the Forsaken

You say you want another LOTRO stream? Massively OP's MJ has you covered! A couple friends are joining her for a trip to the...
The eternal sstruggle between man and naked.

TERA becomes Spellbound with its newest update

Believe it or not, but Karazhan isn't the only major MMO patch coming out today. TERA would like to make a bid for your...
A big update, and me without any pants.

TERA’s next update arrives on August 9th

A new TERA update is hitting the live servers tomorrow after server maintenance, but you're going to have to experience it alone. Sure, you...

The Daily Grind: Is instancing in MMORPGs our real enemy?

The first MMORPGs I ever played hadn't come up with instancing yet. They had perceptible server lines and time-sucking zone walls, but everyone was...

RIFT dives into the Rhaza’de Canyons dungeon

With a patch name like Into the Wilds, you know that RIFT won't be introducing safe, tame content in which players can vacation. On...
This went to a bad place.

WildStar previews a new single-player instance, Alpha Sanctum

The Eldan of WildStar weren't content to rest upon their collective laurels; they wanted to do more.  The story of what happened after they...

LOTRO Legendarium: The return of the dungeon

While I've been playing Lord of the Rings Online as one of my main MMOs for almost a decade now, it's primarily been for...
But now, it's more money.

LOTRO’s update 16 arrives with new instances and LI imbuement

There are phrases you never expect to hear from Lord of the Rings Online patch notes. Like "giant mecha battles" or "featuring voice work...

Land of Britain takes you through a leprechaun dungeon

Following its conversion to the Unreal Engine 4, Land of Britain is champing at the bit to show off its fantastic new visuals. To...

LOTRO’s getting new dungeons with the Osgiliath instance cluster

Lord of the Rings Online's Update 16 is heading our way on Monday, May 4th, and with it comes the first new instance cluster...